Over 70? Review Your Car Insurance

“They raised my rates because I turned 70!”
My client Sandy came in sputtering to our last meeting. She was so wound up. I wanted to know what rates and who. She slowed down and was able to explain that her car insurance went up significantly because she had turned 70. After twenty years in the business, I had never heard such a thing! She had done her research and told me it was only certain insurance companies. I confirmed it after our meeting. At the next meeting, we brainstormed other insurance companies for her to get quotes from. She was able to save over a couple of hundred dollars a year by paying attention to her bills.
Most folks stay with their car insurance companies on an average of 18 years. They have it on autopilot. Even if you are not over 70, it may mean some significant savings to ask for car and home insurance quotes to be sure you are getting the best rate you can.

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP