Did you know what people stress about and couples argue about the most is money?
…And yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What could you accomplish if you had less financial stress in your life?
Would you and your spouse like to stop arguing about money?
Would you both benefit by acting as a team when money issues come up?
Would you like to learn new skills on how to communicate about money?

If You and Your Spouse Feel Overwhelmed By Your Money Issues… You’re in the Right Place

Getting married or choosing to live together is no guarantee that you can handle the money issues that will come up. You simply become a couple … and suddenly, you fall into instant money management together.

Each and every couple feels like they are out there alone on their financial path. As if, “This is a part of life. We should just know how to do it.”

When in fact, money issues are the focus of the most stress and problems in a marriage or partnership. Money management is a highly sensitive and personal topic that’s completely emotionally charged.

Money issues are discussed even less than sex by couples.

less than sex

We go to therapists for relationships issues. We use wedding planners for the big day. We even go to sex therapists to have better sex. But Money? We think we should just know how to do this.

Yet every couple is unique and part of that uniqueness is bringing their own history and what I call their ‘Financial Feelings’ to the relationship. Putting a system in place and having a safe place to discuss this volatile, charged subject, can lower the voltage and produce a peaceful existence.

Is it Possible to ‘Re-Wire’ Your Financial Feelings?

My answer is a resounding YES!

This is something every couple wants to know – can they really be taught (or ‘re-wired’ more accurately) to think about money differently? To move through their financial life as a team? To recognize where they have blocks, feel stuck, feel afraid, even feel lost around money … and so grow accordingly?

I am here to help couples work on their money issues in a way that combines sound financial advice with the kind of root-based coaching and therapy that makes for breakthroughs. My financial advice makes sense … and sticks!

So you, as a couple, can pull together and begin to actually enjoy your money conversations, your decisions, your planning sessions, and co-creating your entire financial future TOGETHER.

How I know I can help you … Just as I have helped thousands of others

Over the past twenty years, I worked with thousands of couples on understanding their life and their finances. Their relationships were solid but riddled with financial stumbling blocks threatening their peace and prosperity. Over time, they learned to work together as a team as part of the MoneyPeace process.

I have been a consultant and resource for a variety of organizations and media including USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Better Homes and Gardens and have been a guest on a number of television shows discussing Financial Intimacy for Couples, MoneyPeace and Money and Memory.

I have a BS in Finance, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and am a Certified Financial Planner. I’ve co-authored a book entitled Practical Freelancing with Tim Brookes. In addition, I have spoken throughout North America at financial planning and trade conferences, organizations, businesses, and financial planning retreats.

And I’m part of a financially enlightened marriage, myself! So you can be assured I walk my talk!

If This is You … I Can Help

I have a powerful program I’d like to invite you to join — but only if the following is true for you:

  • You are tired of the same old conversations around money and feel you are getting nowhere
  • You want to let go of your financial fears so that you can work a new financial future together
  • You are willing to try new ideas from a financial professional
  • Your partner and yourself recognize the need to work on your money matters … together

Nothing makes me happier than bringing peace to couples across the globe who are in conflict about money.

You deserve better … and now is the time to dig in and get to work learning to be a team.

This program has been designed so you can join the live groups, or you can simply download and listen to each lesson … and work through the worksheets at your convenience.

October Tele-Conferences

Four group tele-conference sessions will be held Tuesday evenings, October 21, 28, and November 4, 11 – 2014 – 6:30 – 7:45 pm.

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Financially Enlightened Couple’s Lab:

  • Tried and True Financial Techniques that help you build your prosperity WITH your partner … instead of fighting against them.
  • Financial Tools to Depend on throughout your Relationship. Ongoing support you can use again and again, no matter how your circumstances change
  • Better Understanding of Money and how it works in your world. Learn the root causes of some of your worst money arguments …. And learn how to fix them – and thrive!
  • Deeper Appreciation for your Partner. Once you stop arguing about money, the real love can begin. Here’s a lasting peace you can invoke, even when discussing your finances.
  • Learn where you and your partner are falling short in how you communicate about money
  • Learn what you want to create, financially, … and then find the freedom to do exactly that!

What is Not Talking About Money Costing You Now? (How working with me can actually save you thousands.)

If you and your partner are not communicating well about money, it’s definitely costing you. Think about it.

  • What are you paying right now in overdraft fees?
  • Late fees on bills?
  • Credit card interest?

Most of these charges are a direct result of not communicating effectively as partners about money.

Are you making any decisions about savings, or are you investing in your net worth?

If not, that’s money lost, too.

Are you spending time and energy arguing about the “right way” to financially handle your lives?

This can all be changed.

A simple investment in your partnership of time and energy now, will save you money and countless hours later.

Your relationship is important to you. This process will deepen your commitment to each other and strengthen your bond.

Change Your Relationship Dynamics, Change Your Life

Truthfully, you wouldn’t blow off a business partner, or get mired in a tangle of arguments and conflicts time after time, when money was an issue, right? You’d either sit down and work on your differences – or get some help when you need it.

And yet … working as money partners in a personal relationship is no different. Money and decisions around investments still have to be made – just like in a business.

So that’s when it’s a great idea to get some outside help … and that’s why I am here to serve you.

I am confident that at the end of the work together, you will have a shift to financial understanding and a stronger relationship with your partner.

Financially Enlighten Your Partnership

The cost to you and your partner is minimal compared to what you will save after you take the workshop. What do you pay now in monthly credit card interest? Financing fees?

The cost of this workshop series is only $359!
Click here to Download a Sign-up Form!

Are you ready to change your financial partnership forever?

We hope the answer is yes!

Please Note: For this program to truly be effective, both spouses need to be willing to do the work and attend the sessions. If this an issue for you, drop me an email, and we’ll see if I can assist you in making that happen.

Peace and Prosperity,


P.S. For on-going financial tips and a free bonus, be sure to take the enlightened couples quiz. As a special thank you for taking the quiz, you will receive our free monthly newsletter.

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP

New Paradigm

“She took the time to get to know us and understand what was important to us. She showed us a new financial paradigm that has led to a healthier and happier relationship. She taught us a simple approach to manage our money that will enrich us for the rest of our lives. Thanks to Christine, we now enjoy what we DO have instead of worrying about what we don’t have. We absolutely love MoneyPeace!!!!”


Right Place

“We knew we were in the right place when Christine’s first assignment focused on identifying the spoken and unspoken messages about money in each of our individual families of origin. Talk about revealing! Now we were prepared to begin the hard work. What did we want to decide together were the messages we chose to accept, which to reject? Add to that, the work of identifying what most matters to us as individuals and a couple. Now we were ready to begin making a spending plan and getting serious about our retirement planning.

“The rewards have been immeasurable – to feel that we are spending in concert with our values. To feel freedom to choose not to be stressed about money. To feel we are modeling for our four children how to have a relationship with money that is freeing rather than a burden. To see the benefit of positive thinking. To live out the import of giving to others rather than ‘holding on tight’ to every penny.”


Identifying Goals and Dreams

“Christine has not only helped us to get our financial house in order, she has helped us to identify our goals and dreams, and to work towards them in quite practical ways. My husband and I are always relieved after our meetings with Christine - she helps us to stay on track and to find the tools to have difficult conversations about money. We can now have productive conversations about our financial situation without becoming emotional about it - a real gift! We are lucky to have had her as part of our lives these past 15 years."