Credit Card and Travel Overload

October 17, 2010
Just back from travelling and feeling ungrounded. I want to put a no shopping, less spending restriction on myself. Seems like I get myself on a roll, spending, moving fast.
It finished today. That is right after I bought two large Christmas gifts.
Out of habit, I whipped out my credit card….the one I had been travelling with oblivious to the fact that these purchases would max it out. I keep one credit card for personal and one for business. I had just pulled out the business one, which had a week of business travel on it. When the card was declined, the moment was suspended in time and I thought…I have been a bit reckless. So I paused, I still bought the gifts with my personal credit card. But the moment reinforced the fact that it was time to rest all credit cards and myself.
I find there is a correlation between not taking enough respite in life and responding to the everyday pressures with the credit card quick fix. From what I have seen many people are like this. The secret is to know when to stop ourselves

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP