MoneyPeace on the Radio

Listen here on Money and Couples and how women and men perceive money differently…. Let me know what you think. jim weiss august 15 part two

Financial Wellness and Parenting

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Trust a Trust?

Like a will, a trust needs to be updated when a life situation changes. A recent problem I came across for a client, Tom, was caused by a trust his parents had drawn up in the 1950’s. He was a child at the time. The trust stipulated that the trustees could decide if the child, Read More

The Magic of the Season

Holidays bring to mind special activities, shopping and the giving spirit of the season. We also tend to over schedule, over commit and over spend. This is a note on holiday value – getting the most for your gift giving dollar. I decided to ask people. “What is your favorite gift?” seems like a simple Read More

Building a Financial Team

“The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret.” Henry Youngman This quote on marriage made me smile. Any chapter of a combined life involves money. Whether straight, gay, living together or civil unioned, money is a part of our lives and relationships. How that money gets handled is an essential component of any relationship. Read More

Couples Class for Better Communication, Cash Flow and

Join our class in two weeks just for couples. The sessions are four group tele-classes and personalized meeting with Christine via phone. The class includes all materials for a more organized money management for you and your partner and support to make the necessary changes.

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