Tips for the New Year

December 31st Happy New Year! As you are getting ready for the New Year, here are a short list of tips to keep you in tip top financial shape.—Five-Things-for-the-New-Year.html?soid=1102621043652&aid=XmMJbKzBV8g

Happy Holidays

December 21st Solstice and Holiday Blessingsā€¦ Wishing you and yours abundance, simplicity and most of all Peace

Money Philosopy

Oct 27th. Next financial mission I will work with my husband on. Having an ally would certainly make a difference to the process. We went to Costco and bought mostly food. Okay, I swayed and got two Christmas presents. Yes, I just had to look at the goods everywhere else, especially the books. Taking care Read More

Money Behavior

Oct 19th Pondered today what I heard about not going into shops. This was on the radio by a behavior psychologist. When we go into shops we see things that we did not know we needed. Then we increase our wants and desires. The psychologist suggested we do not go in stores to curb spending. Read More

Credit Card and Travel Overload

October 17, 2010 Just back from travelling and feeling ungrounded. I want to put a no shopping, less spending restriction on myself. Seems like I get myself on a roll, spending, moving fast. It finished today. That is right after I bought two large Christmas gifts. Out of habit, I whipped out my credit cardā€¦.the Read More

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP