New Chip Technology will Change Your Credit Cards!

New technology can make credit cards more secure and safer for our personal information. Read article

Getting Organized

In the coming days I will be reviewing the following financial organizers: I would love to hear if one of these is your favorite. Or what your experience is with on-line tools. I know there are plenty out there. Quicken and other bill pay services are great for getting organized from Read More

Tips for the New Year

December 31st Happy New Year! As you are getting ready for the New Year, here are a short list of tips to keep you in tip top financial shape.—Five-Things-for-the-New-Year.html?soid=1102621043652&aid=XmMJbKzBV8g

Credit Card and Travel Overload

October 17, 2010 Just back from travelling and feeling ungrounded. I want to put a no shopping, less spending restriction on myself. Seems like I get myself on a roll, spending, moving fast. It finished today. That is right after I bought two large Christmas gifts. Out of habit, I whipped out my credit card….the Read More

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP