Money Talks: Wedding finances

Christine on WCAX talks about wedding finances. Read article

What “Non-Traditional” Couples Need to Protect Their Future

Over 50% of couples today are considered “non-traditional”: they live together, but aren’t married, are committed but don’t live together, or have had a civil union, but aren’t married.

New couples must take steps to work together financially and plan for the future. Continue Reading

MoneyPeace on the Radio

Listen here on Money and Couples and how women and men perceive money differently…. Let me know what you think. jim weiss august 15 part two

Financial Wellness and Parenting

Check out this new podcast on Financial Wellness and Parenting….

Getting Organized

In the coming days I will be reviewing the following financial organizers: I would love to hear if one of these is your favorite. Or what your experience is with on-line tools. I know there are plenty out there. Quicken and other bill pay services are great for getting organized from Read More

Building a Financial Team

“The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret.” Henry Youngman This quote on marriage made me smile. Any chapter of a combined life involves money. Whether straight, gay, living together or civil unioned, money is a part of our lives and relationships. How that money gets handled is an essential component of any relationship. Read More

Couples Class for Better Communication, Cash Flow and

Join our class in two weeks just for couples. The sessions are four group tele-classes and personalized meeting with Christine via phone. The class includes all materials for a more organized money management for you and your partner and support to make the necessary changes.

Investing with Debt Ceiling Uncertainity

I learned something yesterday that I feel is worth sharing. The government has closed before when the debt ceiling was being negotiated. Official shutdown dates in the last 20 years: • October 5 to October 9, 1990 (3 days) • November 13 to November 19, 1995 (5 days) •December 5, 1995 to January 6, 1996 Read More

Financial Infidelity

Breaking a pattern is never easy. But what could you be doing differently in your relationship to be more financially honest. I find that individuals are seldom honest with their selves around finances. And as a result when they become connected with a partner, they can not be honest there as well. So if you Read More

More on Retirement

December 17th Planning for your retirement as a couple gives you more options. First, one of you can start collecting Social Security before the other. By delaying Social Security income, your household income will go up when the second person starts to collect. This is difficult to imagine and hard to leave money on the Read More

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