Rich or Poor?

Listen here for how your cash may be affected by your past. And by your current language around money. Rich or Poor?

Financial Wellness and Parenting

Check out this new podcast on Financial Wellness and Parenting….

Over 70? Review Your Car Insurance

“They raised my rates because I turned 70!” My client Sandy came in sputtering to our last meeting. She was so wound up. I wanted to know what rates and who. She slowed down and was able to explain that her car insurance went up significantly because she had turned 70. After twenty years in Read More

Organizing Snag

Reviewing data websites seemed an easy task. As you can see by my delay in getting to you, I have run into some snags. However, I will continue on my exploration path as I am excited to find options that may work to organize finances. My first review is of Personal Capital. I heard about Read More

Getting Organized

In the coming days I will be reviewing the following financial organizers: I would love to hear if one of these is your favorite. Or what your experience is with on-line tools. I know there are plenty out there. Quicken and other bill pay services are great for getting organized from Read More

Building a Financial Team

“The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret.” Henry Youngman This quote on marriage made me smile. Any chapter of a combined life involves money. Whether straight, gay, living together or civil unioned, money is a part of our lives and relationships. How that money gets handled is an essential component of any relationship. Read More

Couples Class for Better Communication, Cash Flow and

Join our class in two weeks just for couples. The sessions are four group tele-classes and personalized meeting with Christine via phone. The class includes all materials for a more organized money management for you and your partner and support to make the necessary changes.

Tips for the New Year

December 31st Happy New Year! As you are getting ready for the New Year, here are a short list of tips to keep you in tip top financial shape.—Five-Things-for-the-New-Year.html?soid=1102621043652&aid=XmMJbKzBV8g

Retirement and Social Security

December 12th You may be recovering from the last post on retirement. Or you may have already taken steps to improve your retirement savings. Starting to establish yourself for a solid retirement takes planning. If you are part of a couple, set in place a plan together to make your retirement a reality. Three points Read More

Is it Shopping?

November 4th Although I have given up my attitude of not entering a store and buying things. I am still living in the present by not buying anything beyond the basics – food and toiletries. This is not hard at home in Vermont, but travelling in Boston this week makes it a challenge. Today I Read More

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