Couples Class for Better Communication, Cash Flow and

Join our class in two weeks just for couples. The sessions are four group tele-classes and personalized meeting with Christine via phone. The class includes all materials for a more organized money management for you and your partner and support to make the necessary changes.

Markets Ups and Downs

The market has you crazy? Following the ups and downs in the short-term will make you crazy. Maybe the debt ceiling being raised did not solve everything this time. Economic indicators are not great and not chaning. However, you can take care of yourself. Focus on what you can change. And skip the nightly news Read More

Investing with Debt Ceiling Uncertainity

I learned something yesterday that I feel is worth sharing. The government has closed before when the debt ceiling was being negotiated. Official shutdown dates in the last 20 years: • October 5 to October 9, 1990 (3 days) • November 13 to November 19, 1995 (5 days) •December 5, 1995 to January 6, 1996 Read More

Financial Infidelity

Breaking a pattern is never easy. But what could you be doing differently in your relationship to be more financially honest. I find that individuals are seldom honest with their selves around finances. And as a result when they become connected with a partner, they can not be honest there as well. So if you Read More

Is it Shopping?

November 4th Although I have given up my attitude of not entering a store and buying things. I am still living in the present by not buying anything beyond the basics – food and toiletries. This is not hard at home in Vermont, but travelling in Boston this week makes it a challenge. Today I Read More

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP