Attitude of Gratitude: Thanksgiving Wishes

Attitude of gratitude Is cultivated by an appreciation of the little things. This approach will make your life richer, fuller and create an element of surprise in everyday. I have been trying to implement this approach full time. I want to share it with you in hopes you can learn more about gratitude this Thanksgiving weekend.
Okay, how did I do this just his week? At 4 pm as the street lights came on, before I was even ready to drive home, I was stunned and disappointed that it was getting dark so early. I admit I always need to adjust after the time change, so this was a delayed reaction.
So I wanted be bummed, however I began to think of the calendar…in one month – four weeks – it will be the most darkest of the whole year. That means in two months or eight weeks, we will be right here at this same time as far as darkness. We will actually be on the upside of getting more light. So if that is the case, why get bummed about a few weeks of darkness? I really did go through this train of thought, so that by the time I went to drive home in complete dark I am was well accepting of the evening lack of light and truly enjoyed the ride home.
Attitude of Gratitude takes some extra time, but why not try it? Makes a lot of life more precious.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP