Building a Financial Team

“The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret.” Henry Youngman
This quote on marriage made me smile. Any chapter of a combined life involves money. Whether straight, gay, living together or civil unioned, money is a part of our lives and relationships. How that money gets handled is an essential component of any relationship.
Money, like love, is fluid and personal. No two relationships are alike and no two people handle money the same way. After years of coaching couples, I have discovered that all couples have issues around cash flow and control of money. Each couple resolves the money issues in some way or another but real, deep communication seldom happens around money.
When couples solve the problem by merging all assets or by separating all money, they feel they have fixed the problem. They fail to recognize that their lives are ever changing and how they deal with their money needs to be reviewed often.
The true strength of a financial partnership is measured by the teamwork involved. Can you say you are on a financial team with your partner? Are you striving toward mutual goals? Do each of you understand financially where you stand? Teams make better choices. Regular coaching and meetings keep team focused and trained for whatever life deals them.
Enlightened Finance for Couples is one tool that offers a framework for how a couple can work together toward their goals and share their financial life. Creating a team takes time, energy and a willingness to adapt. No matter how you seek out to build your financial partnership – with therapy, coaching, a certified financial planner or enlightened finance for couples; know that your investment will pay off for the long-term. The value will be found in your relationship and in your net worth.

Christine D. Moriarity, CFP